Lawyerโ€™s DOG approved $360 a week in unemployment benefits

Say what ? PAWpa got a brand new bag ! Lol


Saint Louis Zoo elephant tests positive for tuberculosis – St. Louis Business Journal

Tuberculosis can also harm elephants. A Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection is a zoonotic disease. Click below for more of this story...

New York Fashion Week’s Pet Show is Everything You Want It to Be

Take a front row seat at the New York Fashion Week's Pet Show ....these models have fur , scales, and gills....... (click below for more )

Groundhogs Aren’t Looking for Shadows 😍😍😍

Oh we all know about the Groundhog looking for his shadow to bring in the season. Yet, new research suggests that it's not the shadow the Groundhog is looking for ,but a potential date. ....swipe right oh Groundhog, swipe right if you must .....( click link for more)

The man who turned his house into a Feline Fantasy Land Utopia for his 14 Cats

Have you ever wanted to give your cats a special room to roam in your house? How about catering your whole house to your cats? Is this over the top or just right?