Watch “Escape Room – ShawJazz” on YouTube

Working on my music soundtrack composing skills by creating a song that will hopefully be used in an upcoming movie soundtrack. My goal was to accomplish a sense of relaxation in a hectic world. The link to the video is below and the rest of my music can be found at


Watch “Tom’s Diner” on YouTube

The song Tom's Diner had this awesome flow that kept the melody in your head for days. The song was written by Suzanne Vega. It was later remixed by the group DNA. The cool thing about Tom's Diner is that it is an actual diner in New York City. It has been featured in television … Continue reading Watch “Tom’s Diner” on YouTube

SoFar Sounds: Secret Concerts and Good Music – The Newark Times

Music is meant to convey those feelings that sometimes words can't express. The talent that is So Far sounds combines the ultimate listening experience with the most intimate settings. You never know who you may see or hear so it's best to be ready for anything. If music is your cup of tea, then SoFar … Continue reading SoFar Sounds: Secret Concerts and Good Music – The Newark Times


Watch “John Legend Dog Wedding (for Charity)” on YouTube

John Legend Performs for Dog Wedding (for Charity):