After bat found in Johnson County home tests positive for rabies, health department urges residents to vaccinate pets

Contact your local Veterinarian today to make sure everyone is up to date on the Rabies vaccine...


Larimer County confirms human tularemia case

A lung infection was determined to be caused by tularemia, which can be transmitted to people through contact with an infected animal, through insect bites and even through contaminated soil.......

Bat that bit high school student tested positive for rabies

Human exposure to bats carry the risk of rabies. Please see the article below and if you believe you have been exposed please seek help as soon as possible.

So You and Him Broke up…What about the Dog ?

Everyday we see relationships start and unfortunately we see alot of them end. In most cases, if someone has a pet then more than likely, the pet has grown into the relationship as well. Whether or not the pet was with you before you met him or the pet was acquired during the relationship, the … Continue reading So You and Him Broke up…What about the Dog ?