Dr. Greg Shaw is an Animal Scientist and Veterinarian with concentrations in public health, foreign animal diseases, zoonotic diseases, small animal medicine, shelter medicine, holistic as well as traditional treatments, and exotic animal species and diseases.  He serves on multiple boards as a consultant as well as a mentor for aspiring veterinarians as well as those wanting to enter the field of veterinarian medicine.  As a published author, Dr. Shaw has one book available now ( The Pet Bible by Dr. Greg Shaw) with others on the way.

As a musician, Dr. Shaw performs, teaches, records, and produces music for artists worldwide. http://www.Reverbnation.com/ Saxophonist Greg Shaw






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  1. Felicidades Gregorio! Great site #keeprocking


  2. James Fountain says:

    Excellent read


  3. nubiaee6a1c96ab says:

    Love that you showcase your many talents, skills and passions! Keep on being great.


    1. drgregshaw says:

      Thank you very much


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