The Proper Macchiato


From my days growing up in Midtown Memphis, I’ve learned the value of supporting your local business. While recently supporting the gem that is “Otherlands Cafe” for some much needed coffee, the barista and I discussed the traditional macchiato drink. We agreed that the traditional macchiato is sometimessforgotten amongst the sweetened coffee alternatives.  I thought the difference needed to be shared.

Just for clarification , the traditional macchiato is simply a prepared espresso drink with a small amount of foamed milk on top. This beautiful creation is traditionally served in a demitasse cup. Demitasse is French in origin and it roughly translates to a half cup.

The taste is strong and bold ( it is absent of the flavoring that you get with larger coffee shops ) so know what you’re ordering when you try a traditional macchiato. I prefer the traditional version versus the chain coffee version which tends to be a lot sweeter.

My recommendation is that if you want to try the traditional macchiato at a large chain coffee shop make sure to ask for an espresso macchiato.

Espressoly Yours,

Dr. Greg Shaw

Bark Early Coffee Company


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