Most people are familiar with the old story of Goldilocks and Three Bears.  Well, if you aren’t familiar , the story is basically about a lost little girl who stumbles across a house of bears that left their porridge unattended.  She enjoys the porridge and decides to take a nap. This begs to ask the question, ” Do bears eat porridge ?”

My experiences hahowed me that bears routinely enjoy grasses, various berries, insects, and fish.  Studies have also shown that as our population increases, we tend to move into their backyards. Because of that , bears have developed some propensity for “human food.”

When it comes to the “porridge ” preparation, it is important to remember that the ingredients of porridge is a typical grain that has been chopped and boiled in water or milk.  So the likelihood of the bears preparing porridge to eat probably indicates that times must have been rough.  This would probably explain why the bears left in the first place, thus, allowing Goldilocks to sample the porridge while the bears were away.

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