“Dr. Shaw…My Dog Left the Dog Park and Now is Showing Watery Stool “

I recently received a call about a sweet little pup that was recently playing in a dog park full of water puddles.  The owner stated that while the pup was still active, she was displaying an increase frequency of loose and watery diarrhea. Upon her vet visit, it was determined that the pup contracted a little parasite known as Coccidia. It is interesting to note that Coccidia can be found in most any environment but I have recognized it mostly when there is a history of rain or standing water. This “infected ” water becomes a haven for this parasite so care is to be taken when you combine the history of a recent rain and watery diarrhea. The diagnosis of Canine Coccidiosis involves a love story between single-celled parasites and your pet’s intestines. This love is easily treatable by your local veterinarian……

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  1. Christine A. says:

    Very interesting post! I never would have thought about this and will now be more aware of standing water. Thanks for sharing this information!


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