So You and Him Broke up…What about the Dog ?

Everyday we see relationships start and unfortunately we see alot of them end. In most cases, if someone has a pet then more than likely, the pet has grown into the relationship as well. Whether or not the pet was with you before you met him or the pet was acquired during the relationship, the pet has bonded with this family unit. When relationships end, the pet usually is the last one to know so it’s always good to consider this when a loved one will no longer be around. It has been proven that animals exhibit a wide range of emotions. Google the ‘Human-Animal Bond ‘ The absence of a significant other ( your ex ) is kind of difficult to explain in a sense to your pet but I’ve seen that the best way to deal with this ” loss ” is to try to spend extra time with him/her as this process goes through the cycle of time. Just like you loved him, your pet probably loved him too. Try to spend extra time with your pet during a breakup and you should find this will help the transition of loss. I would love to hear your stories and feedback. Until next time my friends..


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