Ninth case of Legionnaires’ disease linked to The Guest House at Graceland | FOX13

Legionella is a bacterium that normally resides in fresh water environments. People become infected when they breath in small amounts of water that in the air that are contaminated with the bacteria. Read below for more ....


Abortion in Dogs

Good Afternoon Paw Family What happens when there is a possible unwanted pregnancy ? How can you prevent pregnancy in dogs ? Can dogs abort a fetus like humans ? These questions have probably crossed your mind and I've attached a great article to help give a brief summary on abortion in dogs. Check it … Continue reading Abortion in Dogs

Why we need Grasshoppers….

Happy ( insert day here ) ๐Ÿ™‚ A friend of mine recently asked the simple, yet, complex question. " What are grasshoppers good for ?  After a bit of research, it turns out that the beautiful grasshopper has a healthy appetite and this helps prevent plant overgrowth, it's body is rich in nutrients making it … Continue reading Why we need Grasshoppers….

Do Snails Sleep ?

Happy Monday Everyone. I receive numerous questions throughout the day. Some I find very interesting and as promised, I will share them with you.  When it comes to the sleeping habits of snails we must refer to a study that was conducted at the University of Toronto. Briefly, we learned that snails do not function … Continue reading Do Snails Sleep ?

Veterinarians report rise in Bobcat Fever

Through Ticks, a deadly disease can be passed from bobcats to domestic cats.  This disease is a serious concern that includes pain and below for more ..

Lena Dunham has to re-home an aggressive rescue dog – TMZ

Sometimes the history of a rescue dog can be a little fuzzy. While adopting a dog from a rescue, it's always a good idea to ask about his or her background.  The more you know , the better things can be .