Two Lions Make a 10,000-Mile Journey From the Circus to Freedom | TakePart

Great Story ........ Great Roar to Freedom check link below


Gallery- Presidents and their Pups

Can you guess which Pooch goes with each President? click link below

We All Have to Start Somewhere….Watch As This Lion Cub Learns to Roar

Everyone knows the roar of the jungle when they hear it. Yet, few people have heard the roar in the infant stage.....this video will be all the cuteness you need to watch today link below


New program delivers food to pets to keep them in their homes – Local News – Mobile

Have you heard of Animeals ? This is a great idea to adjust to a change in you or your pet's lifestyle... Read below for more....


Klepto Kitty steals everything from marijuana to dishrags

You may only THINK you lost those items.....KleptoKitty is on the prowl more below


Custody dispute over hen ‘arrested’ for gridlock on San Francisco’s Bay Bridge | Daily Mail Online

Maybe we will find out why this chicken crossed the road?