Domestic felines found to search for food using VISION rather than Smell

Toucan Sam can follow his Nose to the Bowl of Breakfast Cereal,  While Cats will Follow Their Eyes......


Cat falls 26 storeys but lands without a scratch in Hong Kong | Daily Mail Online

Remember that old saying " Cats have 9 lives?" Well, this Cat from Hong Kong certainly lives by that saying.....

New York Fashion Week’s Pet Show is Everything You Want It to Be

Take a front row seat at the New York Fashion Week's Pet Show ....these models have fur , scales, and gills....... (click below for more )

Groundhogs Aren’t Looking for Shadows 😍😍😍

Oh we all know about the Groundhog looking for his shadow to bring in the season. Yet, new research suggests that it's not the shadow the Groundhog is looking for ,but a potential date. ....swipe right oh Groundhog, swipe right if you must .....( click link for more)