Why Did the Chicken Cross the Möbius Strip?


A very good question you may be thinking (I’d hope so).

First let’s start with the basics – What exactly is a Mbius strip when it’s at home. Well it’s a very special shape that has only one surface. It is in fact only a surface, and not really a shape at all, but I’m not really too fussed about the technicalities. Mbius strips are, contrary to what you may first think, very simple to make (Their big brother, the klein flask, is another kettle of fish altogether though), all you need is a strip of paper and some sellotape (If you’re lacking the latter, ask Dave, he often has some in his bag). All you have to do is put a 180o twist in the strip of paper, and then sellotape the two ends together. You should end up with something looking a bit like this:

Mobius Strip


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