Looking for a Wabbit this Weekend?

Looking for a Wabbit this Weekend?

The excitement of Easter also brings the excitement of the Easter Bunny. 🙂 I’m sure you have been courted by plenty of Cadbury bunnies and beautiful chocolate bunny arrangements as you persuse through your local grocery store. All this excitement brings one big question……” Do You Want to Purchase a Cute Little Bunny Rabbit Just In Time for Easter?” Bunnies, like anyone else, are very cute when you first meet them. I advise that you put a little care and research into the process of choosing a bunny because they can be a beautiful addition to the family if you know what you are getting into. 🙂 Note, Rabbits can exhibit a phenomenon called superfetation. ( they can conceive a second litter while pregnant with the first ) Here is a great article to help get you started…….


Happy Wabbit Hunting 🙂

Greg Shaw, DVM
Veterinarian of the People


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