What about the COCKAMOUSE?

What about the COCKAMOUSE?

I recently watched the final episode of one of my favorite television shows, How I Met Your Mother. #HIMYM While I will be saddened by the conclusion of such a legen…..wait for it…….dary show , I am happy that the hopeless romantic , Ted Mosby, finally found love. ( I’m pretty sure that alot of us have a little hopeless romantic in us ). Any fan of the show knows about the Cockamouse, a cross between a cockroach and a mouse, that found dwelling inside the apartment. It was good to know I wasn’t alone in my quest for the Cockamouse. There is even a facebook page dedicated to the elusive creature……. While the show may be over, I dedicate this post to the Cockamouse and all the fans that believe in it. May you live long and prosper….:-)


Pawfully Yours,

Greg Shaw, DVM

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