Have you heard of NOWZAD DOGS?

One of my lovely Instagram friends ,@strawbrryshrtcake , recently informed me about the awesome job that is being done in Afghanistan to help the stray population. Nowzad Dogs is not only the first, but the only official shelter for strays in Afghanistan. This shelter runs on donations only and because traditional dog foods are hard … Continue reading Have you heard of NOWZAD DOGS?


Looking for a Wabbit this Weekend?

The excitement of Easter also brings the excitement of the Easter Bunny. πŸ™‚ I'm sure you have been courted by plenty of Cadbury bunnies and beautiful chocolate bunny arrangements as you persuse through your local grocery store. All this excitement brings one big question......" Do You Want to Purchase a Cute Little Bunny Rabbit Just … Continue reading Looking for a Wabbit this Weekend?

What about the COCKAMOUSE?

I recently watched the final episode of one of my favorite television shows, How I Met Your Mother. #HIMYM While I will be saddened by the conclusion of such a legen.....wait for it.......dary show , I am happy that the hopeless romantic , Ted Mosby, finally found love. ( I'm pretty sure that alot of … Continue reading What about the COCKAMOUSE?