Thinking of going out for Sushi this week?

Thinking of going out for Sushi this week?

While trying to get back into my routine from a great conference experience at my alma mater, Tuskegee University, I did what most guys do. I made some ginger and organic honey tea and watched the show ‘ Monsters Inside Me’ on Animal Planet. This episode discussed something near and dear to alot of hearts. The love of sushi. Heck, we just had sushi a few days into the conference..and it was wonderful. Yet, the show reminded me of potential dangers in consuming raw or under-cooked seafood. That danger’s name can come any many forms such as Anisakis simplex ( herring worm), Cod or seal worms ( P. decipiens ) or roundworms ( Contracaecum spp. and Hysterothylacium ) to name some. Symptoms of tingling in the throat, coughing up a worm, or abdominal pain can occur anywhere within the hour of consumption or to about 2 weeks post ingestion of raw or under-cooked seafood. While not very common, the rate of cases does increase as sushi grows in popularity….stay aware my friends……..

PAWfully yours,

Greg Shaw, DVM

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  1. Devin Fountain says:

    Yet another testimony as to why I don’t eat the stuff. Fry sushi up please.


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